About Us

Gourmeat is a Uruguayan company that started its operation in 2013. Thanks to the work and expertise in the area for over 25 years, we have the possibility of dealing with the domestic market such as is done with the outside. Our concept is to get to your house, the same meat selected and chosen in a process of classification used for the most demanding markets in the world.



In Gourmeat we have the best staff who monitors productions within the slaughterhouse (plant), and participates in the selection of each cut in order to obtain 100% of the quality we want to provide.

In 2018, we opened our first Boutique at the center of Miami. 
1312 Coral Way, Miami, Fl, 33145

1312 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145

MON-FRI: 10am-2pm, 4pm-8pm
SATURDAYS: 10am-8pm
SUNDAYS: 10am-6pm
Email: contact@gourmeatus.com
Phone: 786.863.4762
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    "Uruguay, in the south east of South America, counts with privileged conditions for cattle breeding and it gets quality meat. Extensions of natural meadow, soaked by pure and free pollution water from Cuenca del Plata, waved grounds and moderate climate, enable the natural feeding sheep and cows are bred cattle throughout the year.

    The 100% of the national roundup are bred in a grazing open-air system of bovine and ovine cattle. In this frame the most delicious and internationally famous Uruguayan meat is produced and required by more demanding consumers.

    Uruguay, a traditional producer and exporting meat country, count with more than 100 years. It is experience, natural feeding and the control of the producers by the MGAP (Ministry of Cattle, Agriculture and Fishing) and the INAC (National Institute of Meat), the service of growing and the breed improvement, make development of quality meat possible.

    The SNIG (National System of Cattle Identification) guarantees the traceability to the animals from their birth to the final consumption all over the country.

    The condition of natural leans, tender and hormone-free meat is what makes the Uruguayan one a product of high demanding markets.

    Did you Know?

     Uruguayan cattle are bred in the open range all year long, naturally fed on a vegetable protein basis, with no use of the animal products or by-products whatsoever. These practices are forbidden by law for over 20 years. 
    Their animals bred in a natural habitat mean healthier products. Grass-Fed Beef is Substantially lower in fat and cholesterol. 
    This meat has higher levels of Omega 3 and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), an anti-carcinogenic Associated health-improvement to various factors. 
    Grass-Fed Beef's flavor is Often Described as "refined" and "clean", and is mainly due to the natural pastures and the seasonal variables upon each beast is bred. 
    The flavor of free-range, grass-fed Beef is, simply, the meat flavor That ought to have.  
    Seven Reasons to prefer Grass-Fed Beef 
    1. Antibiotic-free
    2. Growth Hormone-free
    3. Healthy Omega 3 fats
     4. Healthier meat, with anti-carcinogenic properties - CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
    5. Animals Receive humane treatment, Minimizing stress and trauma
    6. Animal products / by-products free
    7. E.coli minimum risk"